Abstract Submission


Results of the abstract submission are going to be released in mid March.


Extended to Feb 10, 2020

When you are ready to submit the abstract, click here.

Submission Categories:

  • Clinical/Epidemiology

  • Clinical ECG Case Report

  • Basic Experimental Science

  • Computing/Engineering

  • ISE YIA (The Young Investigator's Award)

All abstracts will be published in an online supplemental issue of the Journal of Electrocardiology. The highest ranked abstracts will be presented orally in specific sessions, allowing discussion with senior specialists. Posters will be presented in specific sessions and will be presented to an evaluation committee, with international members of the societies.


Abstract Submission Deadline - Feb 10, 2020

Young Investigator's Rules: www.electrocardiology.org/yic-rules.html



  1. Submission of review-ready abstract must be in the form of a pdf file. 

  2. Each pdf abstract must fit in a single Letter or A4 sized page with 3/4" or 2 cm margins.

  3. The abstract must begin with a (maximally 2-line title) that clearly explains the goals of the research.

  4. The next block must list all the authors, together with terminal academic degree(s).

  5. The authors block should also include affiliations for each author.

  6. The format of the abstract should be as follows:

    1. Introduction/Background

    2. Methods

    3. Results

    4. Discussion/Conclusions

  7. Each pdf abstract can include a single figure or table of results.

Separate from the one-page pdf abstract, each submission also requires a 300-word plain text abstract, with the same content as the text portions of the pdf file.  This abstract will be published by the Journal of Electrocardiology.