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  About Belo Horizonte

Surrounded by Serra do Curral, the city of Belo Horizonte is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. With 2,502,557 inhabitants, the city is a place of national influence when it comes to politics and intellectual production. Important aspects of the city are its geography, full of hills and lowlands, and the weather, with dry winters and hot and humid summers.

The city transits between tradition and innovation in a privileged location in the Southeast of Brazil, one hour away by plane from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The international airport receives many connecting flights from all around the world daily.

Belo Horizonte is dynamic, diversified and famous for its hospitality and its traditional gastronomy. At the Central Market you will find more than 400 shops selling a variety of products, such as fresh vegetables, live animals, meat, dairy products, sweets, cachaça, regional crafts, religious items, cookware, dishes and spices.


An important aspect of Belo Horizonte’s influence is seen in its architecture. The city is one of the cradles of modern Brazilian architecture, which emerged in the 1940s, with the architectural ensemble of Pampulha, designed by Oscar Niemeyer.


Located at the rim of the Pampulha Lagoon, Francisco de Assis Church is the most famous postcard of the capital. It features the Burle Marx gardens, the bronze bas-relief sculptures carved by Alfredo Ceschiatti, and an abstract panel created by Paulo Werneck. The exterior is decorated with beautiful Portinari panels.


Another great tour is Circuito Liberdade, which is composed of 13 institutions, including museums and cultural centers, covering different aspects of the cultural and artistic universe. It’s recognized as an important cultural corridor in Brazil.

Belo Horizonte is also considered one of the main convention centers of Brazil, standing out as promising market for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Time Zone: -3:00 UTC/GMT


Upon arriving at the airport, look for registered cabs or the Airport Bus Transportation (Conexão Aeroporto):


Confins International Airport

Address: Rodovia MG 10, Km39 – Confins – MG – Zip-code: 33.500-900

Distance from downtown Belo Horizonte: 38 km



Pampulha Airport - Carlos Drummond de Andrade

Serves business and regional aircraft in the state of Minas Gerais

Address: Bagatelle square, 204 – São Luís – BH

Distance from downtown Belo Horizonte: 8 km